Salmon Advisory: Red Gables Questioning the Claims of Marine Harvest & Clean Fish

It’s long been a controversy for Red Gables to serve Farmed Salmon in the off-season. For instance, there’s a noticeable difference in texture between the meat of the two fish: Farmed Salmon will break easier when handled, and the color is more orange and pale compared to the wild stock. Wild Salmon is stronger in texture and firmness, has a bold flavor and holds a vibrant color. After talking with correspondents from The Erie Wire we will likely remove all farmed Salmon from the restaurant in the future, and begin to help restore the Wild Salmon’s ability to reproduce. Please join us in celebrating Wild Salmon this week at the Red Gables, where we’ll be serving troll caught Wild Salmon off the coast of Washington.



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3 responses to “Salmon Advisory: Red Gables Questioning the Claims of Marine Harvest & Clean Fish

  1. Kathy Beatty

    Thank you so much for serving only sustainable and healthy salmon. It is wonderful to have a local restaurant that cares!

  2. Chris Bruinig

    Have you ever contacted a salmon farmer to ask about your “concerns”? To take enviro group’s or activist’s word for everything may be a wee bit naive.


    • redgables

      Thanks for your concerns Chris.

      And yes, we have contacted former farmers throughout the coast of British Columbia who’ve left the farming industry due to its lack of concern and ability to live amongst the Wild Salmon population.

      Please take some time to watch the video above and notice that the film is filled with discussions about Salmon Farming amongst PHD’s (etc…) that are arguing for peer reviewed science to be respected. The science is showing a collapse of Wild Salmon population due to a number of factors directly related to the practice of Salmon Farms. Indeed, if it were just activists proclaiming an emotional response it would be naive, but we’re talking about visual and documented relationships of how Salmon Farming is ruining Wild Salmon supplies.

      And I think it ought to be known that you still work for the Salmon Farming industry. Be that as it may, you do have a paycheck that might create a bias or naive opinion on the matter.

      – Joshua (part-time chef at Red Gables)

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