Since Owner and Executive Chef of the Red Gables, Jamie Pribanic, was tall enough to see over the kitchen counter, his enthusiasm for food has been celebrated in the timeless recipes of his mother and grandmother. As his palette developed, his refreshing ambition enabled him to share the charm of tradition with a sophisticated flavor. Chef Pribanic preserves the heritage of his family’s legacy while appealing to the senses of the seasons. When traveling he’s enjoyed trying new dishes, talking to colleagues about the culinary experience, and gleaning from some of the best of the best in the industry. Now, Chef Pribanic wishes to share with you and your friends about the wonders of the kitchen. So pull out the apron and mittens for a class of cooking adventures.

Contact to schedule a class!


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2 responses to “Classes

  1. Nancy

    I can not get you cooking class menu to open on my computer. Do you have any classes this Sat.?

    • redgables

      Hi Nancy,

      There are no classes this Saturday. If you’d like to arrange a class give us a call at 419-625-0036.

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