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  1. Tracey

    What are your hours for this Sunday? I see your summer hours posted but nothing for fall.

  2. Larry Jackson

    Question……we ate dinner at your place last night and the food, at least in my opinion, was fabulous. There were four of us and you came out to ask us about the meal. Dirk Hiler was one of the people and has eaten there before. I had the ribeye and asked for it “pepper rubbed” which was delicious. My wife had the sirloin and I think the others had the Monty Cristo. I asked my wife how she liked her steak and she said it was very spicy to her and she does not do spice well at all. I want to bring her back for her birthday on 11/27 so I am wondering if there was simply a mistake made and her’s got pepper rubbed as well. If you can’t remember that is fine but I would like to tell her so I can bring her back as I just loved it.

    Take care

    • redgables

      Hi Larry,

      I remember the dinner, and the sirloin we only seasoned. The pepper rub is an extremely bold taste, while our traditional seasoning is much milder. But for someone who dislikes spices it would be best to order no seasoning at all, or very light seasoning.

      We’ll be sure to accommodate your taste, and thank you for the comments. It’s always great to hear from our customers.

  3. Nell Sweeney

    We met out daughter for dinner halfway between Bowling Green and Cleveland. What a great surprise. Marvelous meal, wonderful service and personal attention. Couldn’t have been more pleased with the whole experience.

  4. Jessica & Eric

    You sir are a master at creating the most succulent and delicious steak that we’ve ever had! My boyfriend Eric is always up to the challenge when it comes to a big juicy steak. We came across your website when trying to find a place to eat dinner while up in that area staying at a B&B. I was also drawn to the rich history of the building very intriguing nonetheless. Eric was instantly drawn to your sign as soon as we pulled into the lot. “BESTSTEAKEVER” it read and the game was on from there. He was up for the challenge and told you that when you came out to introduce yourself. The food overall blew us away. Very impressive I must say and you definitely hold true to that boastful statement of best steak ever. It was a pleasure meeting you and we look forward to our next venture at your restaurant!

  5. Peyton and Becki

    When you first see it, “Guaranteed the best steak you’ll ever eat”, might seem like an exaggeration. But when you take your first bite of one of Jamie Pribanic’s steaks, you’ll likely become a believer. Our steaks were delicious, and we thoroughly enjoyed our salads, side dishes, and wine. The only thing we missed was dessert, and that was only because we were way too full for another bite. If you’re in the Sandusky area, we strongly recommend dropping by the Red Gables for dinner!



  7. We were there this past fall. 28 people were over the top about the entire experience form the history to last bite of desert!
    The Whole Experience! See you again this fall Jamie THANK YOU!

  8. judy wickham

    Your Restaurant was a much discussed topic today at work. We were working a blood drive at Huron Library and 2 of my coworkers are big fans. I know where my husband and I are going next time we go out to dinner!!

  9. david volak

    My wife and I have passed this establishment up many times, never paying much attention to it. In august 2012, on our way to pick up our daughter from Cedar Point, we got one big wiff of the mesquite, looked at each other, didn’t say a word, and I immediately turned the car around. Much to our surprise, it was in fact the best steak she ever had! I had a flax seed encrusted sword steak, which too, was phenominal. The chef came out after dinner to introduce himself and ask how our meal was…nice touch! we’ll be back…be sure to try the oysters rockefeller.

  10. Robert & Donna Bretz

    Celbrated my wife’s birthday again this year at Red Gables. As always the staff was efficient and friendly. The food, we had rib-eye steaks, was again some of the finest steaks we have ever had. And you will have to go far and wide to find a more gracious host and wonderful chef than Jamie Pribanic. Always a treat to dine at Red Gables. This sounds like a commercial but, really it is that good.

  11. Timothy

    I am from out of town visiting one of the local attractions for my birthday. I found this place on google and decided to try it out. I got the king filet and a side of scallops. AMAZING!!! This was the best birthday dinner I ever had. And since it was my birthday dessert was on the house as it is customary to get a dessert on your birthday. If I am ever in the area I will be sure to come back here! And the story about Rose is cool too.

  12. Jeff

    My wife and I were tired of the same old thing. We ventured out looking for something different and ran across your restaurant. It looked very appealing so we stopped. The service was great and the steak was absolutely the best I have ever had!! We were really impressed that you took the time to walk around the dining room and talk to your guests. We will be recommending your place to everyone we know. Thanks for a fabulous meal and making our night enjoyable!!!

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