Throughout the Fall we are busy preparing for private parties and celebrating tastes from our regional harvest. This season Red Gables participated in


Berries from the Staghorn Sumac, which are known to produce a drink similar to Lemonade when immersed in cold water.

the Firelands Watershed Produce Program to reduce our environmental impact by using produce grown within boundaries of the Firelands Watershed. This program was brought to us by the Erie County Coalition for Local Resources in their efforts to bring a sustainable certification to the Red Gables.

Read more about the programs we participated in for 2009:

The Red Gables is working with Erie County Coalition for Local Resources to implement a Sustainable Certification for the restaurant. Here are some efforts being undertaken to improve the environmental impact of Red Gables:

  • Firelands Watershed Produce Program – connecting Red Gables to local farmers, harvest dates and prices from growers within the Firelands Watershed.
  • Erie Fresh CSA – Red Gables purchases 3 “Flower Shares” from the Erie Fresh CSA throughout their 5 month season to add local color to our tables.
  • Zero Waste – adding containers for kitchen scraps that are used in composting, and constructing a Rain Garden for storm water runoff.
  • Edible Landscaping – growing “on-site” herbs and produce for garnishes that greatly reduce the environmental mileage of our product.
  • Forest Protection Plan – using wood charcoal that’s “Rainforest Free” and sourced from a regenerative forest supply.
  • Energy Neutral – working to assess our energy demand, and improve energy resources.
  • Sustainable Seafood – carefully selecting the size, quality, location, fishery and variety of our seafood to ensure its effect on the environment.
  • Sustainable Certification – making a conscious effort to find regional companies who work toward achieving a sustainable approach in the creation of their products.

“In our efforts to become sustainable, know that your purchase through Red Gables is making a change in the environment.”

Our Fall Highlighted Supplier

Great Lakes Brewing Company is an environmentally and socially conscious brewer of award-winning, all natural beer. The care that goes into the beer resonates from a commitment to the community and environment, otherwise known as the “Triple Bottom Line” – to engage in economic, social and environmental practices that achieve a sustainable, yet profitable, business. These include:

  • Reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Changing natural resource use from “Take, Make, Waste” to “Take,
    Make, Remake”
  • Implementing efficient energy practices
  • Investing in the community through non-profit organizations
  • Supporting sustainable urban renewal projects

Zero Waste Initiative
“Our objective is to make full use of the by-products generated from the brewing process,” says Patrick Conway. “By taking a ‘full circle’ approach, we are making the most of potential savings and income-generating opportunities as the raw materials used to produce our products are continuously transformed into a host of food-generating and energy-saving opportunities.” The ultimate goal is to mimic nature, where 100% of resources are used in closed-loop ecosystems.

Recently Red Gables hosted the first Local Harvest Dinner for the Erie County Coalition for Local Resources

Erie Fresh Local Harvest Menu_Page_1Erie Fresh Local Harvest Menu_Page_2

Leave a comment to let us know if we missed your taste.


6 responses to “Fall

  1. Chris Hughes

    Travelled all the way from the uk, to visit numerous places on a 2 week road trip, and can honestly say this was the best meal I’ve ever had and made all the miles worthwhile!! Great surroundings, excellent music, wonderful waitress, friendly and approachable chef……. cannot find words to describe.
    Defnitiely the highlight of my trip. thank you so much Stacey and Jamie. best wishes to you both

    Wales, UK

  2. Alanna

    My fiance and I came to your restaurant in June of 2009 while we were in town to go to Cedar Point. We nearly missed it but were glad we didn’t. The food was excellent and the chef was very friendly and came out several times and personally interacted with us. My fiance ordered a steak and swears that it absolutely is the best steak he’s ever eaten. Thanks for the great experience!

  3. Victor Ciarrone

    I recommend the Red Gables looking for a fine dining experience. Excellent. The top sirloin was tender and almost melted in your mouth and the pepper rub definitely gave an added flavor.

    This was a first for my fiance and I and it definitely will not be the last. Guys, if you are looking for a romantic evening with your loved one, I strongly recommend the Red Gables.

  4. Bruce Kissell

    Nice meeting you today on the beach.

    If ever we drive to chicago to visit our daughter, we will make your restaurant the highlight of our trip. It sounds fabulous!

    Good luck,


  5. Betsy

    Will be in town from Houston, TX over Christmas holiday. Can you accommodate a family grouping of 12 on or close to Christmas eve?

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