Evening setting at the Red Gables Mesquite Grill. © Joshua B. Pribanic

The Erie County Coalition for Local Resources, since 2008, is working with the Red Gables Mesquite Grill – located at 2350 Cleveland Rd (Rt. 6) – to provide a more sustainable approach for the restaurant through the Firelands Watersheds Farm Program (FWFP). The FWFP works to connect Restaurants with local farmers in the effort to build food security, and establish a sustainable food system.. This ensures Red Gables to have the freshest available produce on hand, and allows them to reduce their environmental impact by relying less on foods that travel around 1500 miles before reaching the restaurant.  The foods grown are sourced from the Sandusky Bay Farmers’ Market, a certified group of growers located within the Firelands Watersheds. Red Gables is given a list of local farmers, harvest dates and prices; which are now being utilized to prepare menu dishes with locally grown seasonal produce. Stop by and talk with Chef Pribanic about the quality of locally grown foods.

Farm to Feast

In the Summer we celebrate our best tastes with produce from the local farms. Here are a few we like to depend on.


‘s (419) 433 – 7701

Hermes Farms

Enderle Farms (419) 433 – 4856

Mulvins Farm

Round Rock Farm

Thayer Family Gardens

Old Milan Canal Farm

The Blueberry Farm

Riehm Farms

Sandusky Bay Farmers’ Market

Erie Fresh

Mullberry Creek

Doug Hildebrand at Old Milan Canal Farm holding a red potato plant. photo: Joshua B. Pribanic

Leave a comment to let us know if we missed your taste.



10 responses to “Summer

  1. Chris Hughes

    Travelled all the way from the uk, to visit numerous places on a 2 week road trip, and can honestly say this was the best meal I’ve ever had and made all the miles worthwhile!! Great surroundings, excellent music, wonderful waitress, friendly and approachable chef……. cannot find words to describe.
    Defnitiely the highlight of my trip. thank you so much Stacey and Jamie. best wishes to you both

    Wales, UK

  2. My fiance and I came to your restaurant in June of 2009 while we were in town to go to Cedar Point. We nearly missed it but were glad we didn’t. The food was excellent and the chef was very friendly and came out several times and personally interacted with us. My fiance ordered a steak and swears that it absolutely is the best steak he’s ever eaten. Thanks for the great experience!

  3. TJ and Family

    We just happened to select your restaurant for dinner…still can’t believe our luck! We’ve vacationed across the US including NYC, SF, San Diego, Portland, Austin and SW Florida–but your restaurant has some of the best food we’ve ever enjoyed! Everything was delicious–steaks, pasta, pork chop and crab legs. Not only was the food delicious, but the presentation was delightful and the service amazing! Having a chance to discuss our family members’ allergies with you allowed all to dine without worry. Thanks for an awesome start to our vacation! (Our grandaughter also sends her compliments to the chef…she says the calamari and crab were excellent–I think she ate about a third of my crab legs dinner)

  4. Julia and Micah

    We came into town from Louisiana for a week vacation at Cedar Point and looked around for a fine dining restaurant for a good meal and good wine. We were a little skeptical when they said “Guaranteed the best steak you’ll ever have” on the website but were willing to try it out. Right from the beginning we were excited about the small intimate setting and even had fresh roses on the table. We were greeted immediately by the hostess and seated with the specials for the night. We both instantly knew what we wanted although the entire menu sounded delicious. I ordered the special that was a 4 oz filet with about 5 more ounces of crabmeat on top, sauteed asparagus, covered in a creamy hollandaise, with a side of their house rice. He had ordered the 14 ounce ribeye with a baked potato. Waiting for our entrees we shared a bottle of the house cabernet which was surprisingly smooth and easy to drink and a loaf of their house rosemary bread. About half way through our bottle our dinner arrived which was beautifully plated. I dug in and without a doubt, hands down, the best meal I have ever tasted. The flavor of the steak, crab, and perfectly tasting hollandaise was incredible. I even got to steal a bite of the ribeye and I’m still unsure which one tasted better. On top of such a wonderful dinner and great wine, our waitress Athena, was exceptional. She filled us in with some of the history of the building and even answered some of our ridiculous questions with a laugh. This is my first review I’ve ever written and I would absolutely recommend this quaint restaurant to anyone who is looking for a fantastic meal. I will be back.

  5. Debby Duffy Young

    Hi Jonathon and everyone,
    Congrats on a very nice review in the PD. Our family certainly had a fabulous time celebrating my Mom’s 84th Birthday with you. Thanks again for the special Boston Cream Pie, and I hope you keep it on the menu! We will see you next year, if not before!
    Sincerely, Debby Duffy Young and the entire Duffy Clan

  6. Cher Dinan

    My husband and I had been hearing very good things about Red Gables. We decided we had to check it out for ourselves. We dined at Red Gables tonight and it was by far the best meal we have ever had. The food was delicious and fresh. We also had the whipped cream cake and this too was amazing.
    Thank you for such a wonderful experience. We will be back for more very soon.
    Pat & Cher Dinan

  7. This Restuarant was really great! the food was delicious and the service was excellent. The Chef came out to our table nd introduced himself to us and then came back later to make sure everything was to our liking. I would revisit this restuarant again if I am ever in the area again. Highly recommended for the best steak ever!!!!!

  8. I went to several places but never seen such people with great care and provided the food in time.Everything was fine and i recommend some of my friends to that place.

  9. D

    First time goers this past weekend, and OMG – everything was just wonderful and so tastely… The smell’s from the kitchen invite you in. It’s a definate return trip 🙂

  10. Melzie

    I am not surprised to read such wonderful reviews about Chef Jamie, For today is his beautiful little girls birthday. She attends our Kiddy College program. Chef Jamie came to pre school this morning to celebrate his daughters birthday, with home made pizza dough for all her class mates to spin and create there own personal pizza. I had the pleasure of his conservation over coffee while he baked each child’s creation. With a glimmer in his eye you truly experienced his passion for his art in cooking. The aroma fill the church and the children full of smiles, Thanks Chef Jamie is was a pleasure having you today.
    “Quote : People will forget what you said; People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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