Throughout the Winter we brainstorm and experiment with recipes. This year Red Gables will participate in the Firelands Watershed Farm
Program to reduce our environmental impact by using produce grown within boundaries of the Firelands Watershed. This program was brought to us by the Erie County Coalition for Local Resources in their efforts to bring a sustainable certificationto the Red Gables.

Read more about the programs we participated in for 2011:

The Red Gables is working with Erie County Coalition for Local Resourcesto implement a Sustainable Certification for the restaurant. Here are some efforts being undertaken to improve the environmental impact of Red Gables:

  • Firelands Watershed Farm Program – connecting Red Gables to local farmers, harvest dates and prices from growers within the Firelands Watershed.
  • Erie Fresh CSA – Red Gables purchases 3 “Flower Shares” from the Erie Fresh CSA throughout their 5 month season to add local color to our tables.
  • Zero Waste – adding containers for kitchen scraps that are used in composting, and constructing a Rain Garden for storm water runoff.
  • Edible Landscaping – growing “on-site” herbs and produce for garnishes that greatly reduce the environmental mileage of our product.
  • Forest Protection Plan – using wood charcoal that’s “Rainforest Free” and sourced from a regenerative forest supply.
  • Energy Neutral – working to assess our energy demand, and improve energy resources.
  • Sustainable Seafood – carefully selecting the size, quality, location, fishery and variety of our seafood to ensure its effect on the environment. We now exclusively serve Wild Salmon. Read this article to find out why:
  • Sustainable Certification – making a conscious effort to find regional companies who work toward achieving a sustainable approach in the creation of their products.

“In our efforts to become sustainable, know that your purchase through Red Gables is making a change in the environment.”

Leave a comment to let us know if we missed your taste.


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