Salmon, Monte Cristo and Chef's Garden edible flowers and herbs. photo: The Art Studio

The Red Gables is working withErie County Coalition for Local Resourcesto implement a Sustainable Certification for the restaurant. Here are some efforts being undertaken to improve the environmental impact of Red Gables:

  • Chef’s Garden Edibles– Sourcing herbs and edible flowers from a regional grower that specializes in niche culinary additions.
  • Firelands Watershed Farm Program– connecting Red Gables to local farmers, harvest dates and prices from growers within the Firelands Watershed.
  • Erie Fresh CSA – Red Gables purchases 3 “Flower Shares” from the Erie Fresh CSA throughout their 5 month season to add local color to our tables.
  • Zero Waste – adding containers for kitchen scraps that are used in composting, and constructing a Rain Garden for storm water runoff.
  • Edible Landscaping – growing “on-site” herbs and produce for garnishes that greatly reduce the environmental mileage of our product.
  • Forest Protection Plan – using wood charcoal that’s “Rainforest Free” and sourced from a regenerative forest supply.
  • Energy Neutral – working to assess our energy demand, and improve energy resources.
  • Sustainable Seafood – carefully selecting the size, quality, location, fishery and variety of our seafood to ensure its effect on the environment.
  • Sustainable Certification – making a conscious effort to find regional companies who work toward achieving a sustainable approach in the creation of their products.

“In our efforts to become sustainable, know that your purchase through Red Gables is making a change in the environment.”

Our Spring Highlighted Supplier

Great Lakes Brewing Companyis an environmentally and socially conscious brewer of award-winning, all natural beer. The care that goes into the beer resonates from a commitment to the community and environment, otherwise known as the “Triple Bottom Line” – to engage in economic, social and environmental practices that achieve a sustainable, yet profitable, business. These include:

  • Reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Changing natural resource use from “Take, Make, Waste” to “Take,
    Make, Remake”
  • Implementing efficient energy practices
  • Investing in the community through non-profit organizations
  • Supporting sustainable urban renewal projects

Zero Waste Initiative
“Our objective is to make full use of the by-products generated from the brewing process,” says Patrick Conway. “By taking a ‘full circle’ approach, we are making the most of potential savings and income-generating opportunities as the raw materials used to produce our products are continuously transformed into a host of food-generating and energy-saving opportunities.” The ultimate goal is to mimic nature, where 100% of resources are used in closed-loop ecosystems.

In the fall of 09′ Red Gables hosted the first Local Harvest Dinner for the Erie County Coalition for Local Resources

Erie Fresh Local Harvest Menu_Page_1Erie Fresh Local Harvest Menu_Page_2

Jamie Pribanic watering the "edible landscape" of 08'.

Owner: Jamie Pribanic watering the "edible landscape" of 08'.

Leave a comment to let us know if we missed your taste.


6 responses to “Spring

  1. Darren Boynton

    Our first trip to Red Gables. The size of the restaurant guarantees a great buzz provided by the other diners who have already latched onto this amazing little secret in Sandusky. The service is pollished and highly informed while remaining friendly, charismatic and exceptionally welcoming. The food is an absolute joy, capable of turning the worst day into an unforgettable happy memory. The cream of asparagus was perfectly executed, letting the vegetables do all the talking. The home baked rosemary bread was awfully addictive. Then there was our entree. Stop whatever you are doing, pause the conversation and, take a bite. I don’t care where you are, LA, Vegas, Chicago NYC, London, Paris or Tokyo, this is where you need to be. Little Sandusky, Ohio just served up a world class dish crafted by a true master. The 16oz Pepper Rubbed New York Strip needed to introduction, nor explanation. If you walked into tonight with even a partially functioning nasal system you knew you were in for a treat. In fact, even if you couldn’t detect a skunk in a telephone box, your body would have found some way to communicate the true excitement of this meal. The steak knifes were superfluous and we rejoiced over each and every bite. I have never taken 40 minutes to eat a steak until tonight. Let me also point out that the entire operation was perfectly executed by one chef, one dishwasher and two waitresses. Our bill with 2 starters, 2 salads, 2 main courses, a very berry pie, three bottles of killer Pinot and enough home baked bread for an entire country was $200. I was at the Venetian in Vegas last week and paid the same for what can only be described as a epicurian kick in the shins by comparison. One quick additional comment. Make time to talk with the Chef/owner. He is a true gentlemen and an artist in the kitchen. Any major city would be lucky to boast a venue and a team like this. Sandusky doesn’t even know what they have got.

    If you think this is an overly positive review please e-mail me and I will be happy to provide you with a dozen restaurants at twice the price that don’t come even close.

    Going to bed a happy diner tonight.


  2. Mark

    I agree with Darren 100% I have paid twice as much at fine dining establishments for less than half the meal my wife and I enjoyed at Red Gable. This is a Gem! I can’t believe I have lived in the area my entire life and never knew Red Gable was there. On our ride home my Wife and I were trying to justify eating there all the time. It’s that good.

  3. Baglan

    The best restaurant in the world!

  4. Kelly Law

    First of all, this is not only the best kept secret in Sandusky, it is the best kept secret in NE Ohio. Our group of six made a second trip here from Columbus, Zanesville and Cincinnati to enjoy an evening of fine dining and great folklore. The pork chops are the best anywhere. The steaks were outstanding. The bread and salads were a fantastic way to begin the meal.
    The meal was enhanced by the hospitality of Chef Jamie and our delightful waitress, Mercedes. We look forward to dining here again.

    The Millers, Damrons and Laws.

  5. Kim M McKillips

    5-22-12 Checking to see if you’ll take reservations for two for dinner on Fri 5-25-12 @5:00? Thanks Kim. It’s our 32nd wedding anniversay+your restaurant comes highly recommended.

    • redgables

      Hi Kim,

      We have you penciled in for Friday the 25th at 5pm; looking forward to having you both in for dinner!

      In Good Food,
      Chef Jamie

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