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Red Gables New Year’s Menu 2013

For over a decade we’ve had the pleasure of ringing in the New Year with great friends in a feast of our finest flavors at Red Gables. This year we’ve lined up a few new menu features like the “Caveman Steak,” a primitive mouth-watering presentation of taste you can only get from a mesquite fired grill; or the “Stuffed Pork Chop,” quickly becoming a house favorite. It’s going to be a celebration of taste, a blessing for prosperity, and a toast to health and friends.

We hope to see all of you one more time before the sun sets on 2013.

Your Humble Host in the Kitchen, 

Chef Jamie Pribanic 


PDF of Red Gables 2013 New Year’s Eve Menu


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Prince William Sound, Alaska.

This coming week we will be serving two of our favorite meals at Red Gables: fresh wild Copper River Salmon and wild Ivory King Salmon. (If you love both try the “rainbow special” where a filet of each fish is swirled together and grilled with your choice of seasoning.)

Many consider Copper River Salmon as one of the best wild catches available. It’s striking orange to red hue and buttery consistency is unforgettable.

The Ivory King Salmon has a white meat, and only 1 or so out of 100 are found in fisheries. There’s no definite reason on why the fish’s meat is white, but geneticists believe there’s a gene that allows the fish to process carotene differently (carotene is found in the diets of salmon and is responsible for giving the fish it’s bright red hue.) Others suggest the fish has different eating habits, relying on a diet from species with less carotene, but since the Ivory King is found within schools of Salmon it’s unlikely that it’s diet is much different.

We recommend serving the Salmon at a medium rare temperature and consistency, but if you prefer a more or less cooked filet please let us know.

*Red Gables Mesquite Grill is the only restaurant in Sandusky, Ohio, to exclusively serve WILD SALMON in an effort to support sustainable fisheries. Farm-Raised Salmon (mostly called Scottish Salmon or Loch Duart in finer restaurants) is often sold as a sustainable fish, but the facts and science tell a much different story about how these fish are jeopardizing wild Salmon habitats: http://www.publicherald.org/archives/5464/investigative-reports/health-investigative-reports/


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Red Gables New Year’s Menu 2012

Red Gables New Year's Menu 2012

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December 31, 2012 · 3:16 am

Spirits!!!! & New Hours for Red Gables

Hello Everyone,

ImageIt’s finally here! We’re now serving liquor at the Gables! Starting immediately we’re offering a mixed variety of drinks with no theme in mind. Be on the look out for a complete menu of drinks to hit the tables this winter with one-of-a-kind Spirits making their first appearance in Ohio. Our efforts will be focussed on bringing you the finest Spirits in micro brewing from regional artisans.

In other news, we will be closed on Sundays from here on out (until further notice). Our new hours are:



Hope to see all of you soon for dinner! 

Your Chef, 

Jamie Pribanic


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EASTER DINNER: Roasted Lamb & Prime Rib

Red Gables will be open from 11am to 7pm for Easter Dinner. We’ll be serving a variety of traditional cuisine along with roasted lamb, and our special prime rib. There’s always limited seating for these events so please be sure to reserve your space beforehand.

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